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Second Opinion Consultation

At Desert Vision Center, we understand that the care of your eyes can be complex and challenging. If you are already established with another eye care provider, have had complications from cataract surgery, or wish to have a comprehensive review of your treatment plan, we offer Second Opinion Consultation Appointments.

Second Opinion Consultation

Second Opinion Consultation Appointments start even before you arrive for your examination. Our office will assist you in obtaining all relevant medical records and ophthalmic operative reports. Once compiled, Dr. Tokuhara will completely review the records to evaluate your unique and individual ophthalmic history.

Because most eye problems and surgeries leave behind subtle clinical clues, not all medical records may be necessary.  Even if records are unavailable, cataract surgery, laser surgery, glaucoma surgery, and retina surgery can usually be detected in a thorough eye examination.

Complications from cataract surgery are not the norm. Fortunately, many cataract complications, such as iris damage, can be remedied. Dr. Tokuhara specializes in the repair of anterior segment trauma. This includes anterior lens dislocation with repositioning, iris or scleral fixated secondary lens implantation with the Yamane Technique, iridoplasty, and repair of iris trauma.

When you arrive for your examination appointment, a thorough eye exam will be completed with the necessary testing to assess the current status of your eye condition. After reviewing all the needed medical record information, current examination, and specialized test results, Dr. Tokuhara will discuss the findings and offer recommendations.

A complete report and letter will be generated which can then be forwarded to whom you request.

If you are interested in scheduling a Second Opinion Consultation, contact us now to find out more at (760)-340-4700.

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