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Dr. Tokuhara is a cataract surgeon. He is incredibly gifted in the area of anterior segment eye surgery, including highly complex or difficult glaucoma and cataract surgery, his primary specialty. Dr. Tokuhara treats patients who will benefit most from his unique skillset and expertise – those patients who require surgical/procedural intervention or who are going blind due to severe ophthalmic pathology.

Patients who have stable ophthalmic disease and who only require routine follow-up with a general eye doctor are better served seeing either a general ophthalmologist or an optometrist who specializes in general eye care. Dr. Tokuhara will perform comprehensive ophthalmology care for his surgical patients as a courtesy. Many surgeons just perform the surgery, then discharge their patients from their practice. This is not the case with Dr. Tokuhara. When you choose Dr. Tokuhara as your surgeon/proceduralist, he is your eye doctor for life.

Please note that Dr. Tokuhara does not see other surgeons’ post-operative patients. He does not perform routine pressure checks for other surgeons’ patients. If a patient chooses another surgeon for their surgery, we typically do not continue to see them in our surgical practice. In these cases, we believe it is in everyone’s best interest that the patient seek a doctor they trust. We will recommend the patient return to the operating surgeon for routine, post-operative care. If the operating surgeon will not see the patient for routine care, or if returning to the surgeon for routine care is too inconvenient, we will refer the patient to a general eye doctor who specializes in this type of care.

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35900 Bob Hope Drive
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